One Lifetime May Not Be Enough…

So are we only on this earth once? Or do we keep coming back and living life again?  Some groups – such as Hindus – believe in the cyclical nature of the universe.  Hindus believe that the soul is eternal and returns for multiple lives, although the y can come back in a human, animal or plant form.

A Return to Hollywood

While some people may think of reincarnation as far-fetched, cases continue to emerge that cause wonder. Take a recent Today Show segment that featured a story about a 10-year old boy named Ryan who talked about living a previous life based in Hollywood, CA. He said he began to experience horrible nightmares when he was four years old. By the time he was five years old, he told his mom of his other identity.  He eventually was able to identify a photo of himself from his former life and offer 55 obscure facts that matched what happened in that previous life. Researchers collaborated each of the facts (which were never published on the internet).

Ryan’s memory of an earlier life is one of many that have been described. In fact, the University of Virginia has studied more than 2,500 cases of children who describe having a former life.  Dr. Jim Tucker, the Bonner-Lowry Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia, is one of the leading researchers in this field. “I think these cases contribute to the body of evidence that consciousness – at least, in certain circumstances – can survive the death of the body; that life after death isn’t necessarily just a fantasy or something to be considered on faith, but it can also be approached in an analytic way, and the idea can be judged on its merits,” Dr. Tucker told NPR.

Signs of a Previous Life

While many of those who describe a previous life in detail are children, glimpses still can show up in adulthood.  According to author Dr. Brian Weiss, the body gives signals that may provide hints of a previous experience or relationship. These include:

  1. A sense of déjà vu – you sense that you’ve met a person before, had a similar experience or visited a place that you haven’t been to in your life.
  2. Realistic dreams – As noted in the story about Ryan, dreams offer a window into a past-life memory. Look for symbols and metaphors that may offer a message.
  3. Aptitudes for other cultures and languages – Being able to quickly pick up a foreign language or having an interest in a specific historical time, culture, person or event may suggest a glimpse into a past life.
  4. Identifying soul companions – Soul groups are believed to be involved in helping souls learn lessons and deal with karma over various lives. Thus, an older relative may come back as a member of a younger generation to help a person work through the lesson. This does not necessarily mean life long partnerships.

Written by Dorian Martin, Article Requested and Edited by Jennifer Buergermeister, MA

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