Breathe the Cure

Founded in 2009 by the founder of Breathe the Cure, Jenny Buergermeister, who organized the annual event with local studios in Houston and support from all over the state. Our Mission: We inform adults and youth through educational materials, workshops, classes and trainings about the benefits of breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga to promote wellness. … Continue reading Breathe the Cure

Become a Member of the TYA

Become a TYA Member NEWSLETTER: The TYA Newsletter is offered on a monthly basis and is available only to members. You are invited to submit articles, letters, networking information, suggestions, etc., to the Newsletter editor at LISTING OF PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS: This online directory provides a free detailed entry for individual and Professional Members who … Continue reading Become a Member of the TYA

Break This, News! No Fear!

You’ve probably heard the children’s tale of Chicken Little who worried continually and went around yelling, “The sky is falling” after an acorn fell on her head while she was walking in the woods. Well, the sky wasn’t imploding. However, Chicken Little’s continual spouting of her worries about the sky ended up leading to an … Continue reading Break This, News! No Fear!

From Melancholia to Magnificence – Latest Treatments in Depression

Treatment of depression has come a long way. Originally known as melancholia, this condition first surfaced around the second millennium B.C. in Mesopotamia. People with mental issues such as depression were considered to be possessed by demons. They were treated by priests because depression was considered a spiritual rather than a physical illness. Over time … Continue reading From Melancholia to Magnificence – Latest Treatments in Depression

One Lifetime May Not Be Enough…

So are we only on this earth once? Or do we keep coming back and living life again?  Some groups – such as Hindus – believe in the cyclical nature of the universe.  Hindus believe that the soul is eternal and returns for multiple lives, although the y can come back in a human, animal … Continue reading One Lifetime May Not Be Enough…

Why Meditate?

Why Meditate? By Jennifer Buergermeister, MA, RYT Menninger Clinic Wellness Specialist The brain is a fascinating organ that once was believed to be unchangeable. Research shows this previous assumption is wrong. Not only is it wrong but naively underestimates the power of the brain’s ability to evolve in a rather short period of time. The … Continue reading Why Meditate?

Anatomy of the Spirit in a Nutshell

Twenty years ago, Dr. Carolyn Myss offered the world what would become a classic text on energy medicine, Anatomy of Spirit. The premise of the book – that many illnesses are created when people go against their spirit – offered a different way of thinking about health. Myss based the book on her own experiences … Continue reading Anatomy of the Spirit in a Nutshell

Vagus Nerve Unveiled

When we think about staying healthy, we often think of muscles, ligaments, organs, joints and bones. However, we often don’t about keeping our nerves healthy. However, our nerves are critical to the healthy functioning of the body. In fact, one specific nerve – the vagus nerve – is central to the most basic of bodily … Continue reading Vagus Nerve Unveiled